Work from home survey & analytics

Smart Office Plan is HR software to gather employee feedback about working from home. Optimize the work from home policy of your organization by collecting data about the expectations of your workforce about working remotely.

Work from home survey

Designed explicitly to gather data about working from home in your organization.

Use the calendar preferences question to gather detailed insight into the wishes and preferences of your workforce.

Supplement your survey with basic survey types such as multiple/single choice questions, rating scale (NPS) questions, and open-ended questions (coming soon).

Work from home analytics

Analyze the work from home data with the Smart Office Plan Analytics. View the dates at a glance in the handy calendar view. Switch between the statistics view and the heatmap view to get detailed insights.

Export all data as a spreadsheet and use it within your KPI reports.

Take control of the work from home policy with the Smart Office Plan Analytics.

Workforce survey

Our mission is to maintain the long-term positive effect of working from home for companies and their employees. Our first product is a simple single-question survey tool that focuses on mapping and analyzing employee expectations about working from home. The results give employers data on which to base their choices about working from home in the future.

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News about remote working

Stay up to date with the latest trends, research, and news about remote working.

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