Smart Office Plan ensures that organizations use remote working in the best way

Covid forced companies to embrace remote working. Companies are faced with a new challenge now that the crisis is increasingly under control: what to do with remote working?

Smart Office Plan is the remote working analytics tool for HR and Facility professionals. We created Smart Office Plan for people who want to base their decisions about remote working on data instead of a gut feeling.

Our first product is the Smart Office Plan survey. It gives you a detailed insight into the work location preferences of your entire workforce. You can use this valuable data to determine policy, manage expectations, and test whether any existing remote working policy is still adequate.

About us

Smart Office Plan is created by De Monsters, a venture building studio from Amsterdam. We create Smart Office Plan to ensure that remote working will become a severe option to companies once the Corona crisis is over. The only way to ensure this is by giving companies data about remote working before they make long-term decisions.

There isn’t much data available about which remote working solution is best, let alone data based on your organization. We are on a mission to change the way companies manage remote working policy. Smart Office Plan is tailor-made for creating, managing, and improving the remote work policy for middle-sized and large organizations.

The Smart Office Plan survey is the first in a series of products for HR and Facility professionals to help them create the best remote working policy. Our focus is on expanding the survey options and improving the long-term analysis and monitoring capabilities.

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Your employees have expectations about working remotely. With Smart Office Plan, you can gain insight into these expectations and use this data to manage your team.
Erik van de Wiel
Founder, Head of Design

Why use Smart Office Plan?

Our goal is not to trick you into embracing remote working; our goal is to let the data speak for itself. Every company is unique: staff, customers, and culture make the company. Policy on remote working should reflect this.

One thing is clear: after more than a year of working remotely, employees have specific requirements and expectations about the future. You can ignore this or use it to help your business thrive.

Managing your staff’s expectations about remote working is the ideal first step in creating an excellent remote working policy. Smart Office Plan is the perfect way to gain insight into these expectations.

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